Dive boat day dive trips

Day dive boats are an exciting day best suited to people who are confident in the water. This is an active day, ideal for certified scuba divers and introductory divers, visiting an array of amazing Great Barrier Reef sites over 5 hours. Choose from the Silver Series’ ultra-modern sister ships, Silverswift and Silversonic, and Poseidon for the thrill of diving and adventure snorkelling.



Departing from Cairns Silverswift is ready to whisk you away for a day of fun and adventure on the Great Barrier Reef. This is an active day all about being in the water for your dive or snorkel adventure of a lifetime! You'll explore spectacular coral formations and underwater gardens awash with vibrantly coloured marine creatures as you visit three different outer reef sites at Flynn, Pellowe, Milln and/or Thetford Reefs.
The Great Barrier Reef silver sonic dive boat in Cairns Australia


Departing daily from Port Douglas. When you step aboard the ultramodern Silversonic you are set for an exhilarating day of fun, discovery and adventure in the natural wonderland of the Great Barrier Reef. With access to explore three stunning and exclusive reef sites at the renowned Agincourt ribbon reefs,each chosen for visual and ecological diversity for your dive and snorkel adventures.
The Great Barrier Reef silver poseidon boat in Cairns Australia

Poseidon - Dive Boat

Designed for personalized dive and snorkel adventures; Poseidon Outer Reef Cruises departs daily from Port Douglas to take you on a journey of Discovery. You'll visit 3 different and spectacular sites at the Agincourt ribbon reefs. With clear outer reef waters, beautiful corals and incredible marine life discovery, the Agincourt ribbon reefs offer the opportunity to snorkel or dive in some of the most spectacular places on the entire Great Barrier Reef.